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week 9 Takaki the States was The Promise polish to the Jewish , and to the Mexicans immigrants it was El Norte. Mexican immigrants had to report to the immigration office on the the Statesn side, give their name birth place and where you were going. Mexicans saw America as a impart of opportunity. When questioned , Mexicans said that they fled Mexico to send starvation. Mexicans were pushed from their uncouth of origin , large land holders and speculators had been expropriating small farms and uprooting rural families. 1883 Land Law- allowed close land developments companies to receive up to one-third of nay land they surveyed and subdivided. This forced the Mexicans to become tenant farmers , and sharecroppers. --> peasants had become in particular under fire(predicate) to exportation. Migrating to cities Mexican peasants suffered form cyclical unemployment as industries grow and contracted. 1910 - Mexican Revolution forced tens of thousands of refugees to fee no rth. -- > they were trying to escape the force during the Revolution , but planned to return. Mexicans noticed that northward brought resort and work , so why go abide ? A steady drift of grasp from south to north. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
American struggle two or more times higher(prenominal) than earnings in Mexico 1895- The Mexican International Rail driveway had lengthy a line nine hundred miles into Mexico, linking the Texas border township of Eage plump with Durango. -- > this set off the major migration. Most of the immigrants were from the artless labor class , and were predominately young -->15-44 . 1900-1930 the Mexican popula tion in the south-west grew rapidly --> 375! ,00-1,160,000 majority of them were born in Mexico. The stark naked immigrants colonised in Texas, Arizona , and Illinois. The rural people in Mexico became urban industrial workers in America. --> Mexicans do most of the excavating and road build and are otherwise employed on reality works. light labor unions jealous protected the skilled jobs by creating a two tiered labor market that...If you indigence to produce a full essay, order it on our website:

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