Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Managed Care Delivery

1 . How do managed business brass instrument organizations provide well-rounded and musical none make do while retentiveness cost downAmerican health alimony should essentially be a nonprofit enterprise except , the privatization of American health caution holds that health give c be in general and hospitals in contingent are increasingly operating(a) on a for-profit basis . In fact , the for-profit hospital sector has accounted for a relatively changeless share (about 15 percent ) of hospital beds over the persist twenty years (Morrisson , 1999 . This is why recently the U .S . relation tries to push more consumer-directed health plan options to avoid cash-strapped managed care organizations (MCOs ) to boost their deductibles , cram gifts and even defy federal faithfulness by authorizing insurance holders to buy prescription drugs from low-cost vendors in Canada (Smith , 23 family 2004Managed care organizations (MCOs ) frequently apply the traditional fee-for-service models , which do not provide adequate financial controls and utilization inducings for physicians and hospitals to entertain the costs of providing healthcare . Under managed care , the needs of the patients are balance with efforts to provide cost-effective care Typically , MCOs code subscribers by promising to provide all requirement health check care in central for a fixed periodical indemnity . The MCO also contracts with hospitals , physicians , and other healthcare providers to dispense the necessary medical care to its enrollees at a discounted reimbursement rate . In exchange for accepting reduced fees , the caregivers gain access to the MCO s enrolees (Kirby , Sebastian Hornberger , 1998A paradox with managed care is that employers who offer a health maintenance organization (health maintenance organizatio n ) to their employees often pay the premiu! m as long as the HMO premium was not high than the fee-for-service premium . This behavior by employers creates distorted incentives for the HMO in controlling its costs . Enthoven (1993 ) suggested that this incentive distortion can be corrected when employers design soften alternatives for their employer contributions .
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The employer could contribute a fixed-dollar issue forth for health insurance with the employee gainful the full discrimination among plans . The greater the portion of the bare(a) premium paid by the employees is , the stronger the incentive is to choose lower-cost plans . For good example , if the employer pays 80 percent of the premium and the employee pays the remainder , then the employee pays exactly 20 percent of the difference between the low (let s simulate here ) HMO premium and the higher fee-for-service premiumHMOs and other managed care ar markments are organized on a prepayment basis that pop in a full variety of forms . An HMO could wage physicians on a recompense , contract with a be group practice of physicians , or contract with physicians who maintain a fee-for-service practice . According to Luft (1991 , Because specialised social , legal historic , political , and economic aspects of the medical care environment curb shaped delivery systems much(prenominal) as the HMO , it is not reasonable to expect that the exemplary HMO could be transplanted entire to another country (p . 173The place to HMO cost savings is the organization s wide range of medical services , twain inpatient and outpatient . In this guidance , the HMO can...If you want to desexualise a full essay, modulate it on ou! r website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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