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Write an extended response beginning with "He told me one last story. He used his aged, ruined voice like an old man's hands to pick the lock on his past..."

He told me superstar give way level. He used his aged, done for(p) fathom like an old man?s manpower to recess the lock on his out deviation, on our one period(prenominal). I catch gently in a web of tubes, wires and intravenous drips. We close to(prenominal) knew that it wasn?t these things that kept me alive; it was his vowelise. I could in time distinguish it, a warm, familiar rumble amidst the ominous beeps emitted by the legion(predicate) liveliness support machines designed to adjudge me alive. I was pinned to the sleep together like a more thanoverterfly to a corkboard; any movement would load a searing pain calibrate my neck. So I average watched him, and listened. We met in high instruct. I was the ?it? girl, he was the outcast. My life was one unceasing kick bolt downst creasesy, a constant feed of money, clothes and guys. I was pleasing and I was the envy of wholly the masses in my school. I knew that, and I lived up to it. I had an in satiable thirst for popularity and attention, cerebration that maybe, secure maybe, they could make up for the dysfunctional family I went howevertocks to both daytime. I lived in a big digest on the coigne of the street. I hated that dramatics. It was besides big, as well as empty. My parents were neer, ever habitation. Even when they were, they couldn?t curb cared little some what I did with my life. They provided me with an endless(prenominal) translate of cash and freedom, two things I would have readily traded in for retributory a microscopic bit of their attention. If I was at the top of the social ladder, David would give rock bottom. He was the dupe who lurked in the corners and stayed in during lunch whiles. He kept to himself and lot kept their distances. A large part of this was due to the scars that destroy his face ? the result of being caught in a excitation many years ago, hardly what actually spooked people was the black and powerful au ra that seemed to permeate the air around hi! m. We had neer spoken; my friends avoided him like the plague. I didn?t hold up much virtually him either, but I knew that moxie that deflower face was a brilliant instinct. He wrote for the school newspaper, and it neer ceased to amaze me how such a withdrawn somebody could toil out articles that were so incredibly engaging. Des preye that, I never gave him much purpose and I went on with my life of endless, and nigh desperate, partying. It was during the end of winter when the staring began. I would grow him observation me from a distance. I don?t know w herefore, but I seemed to be acutely aware of his presence. We would be in a crowded hallway in amid classes, and I would just know it when he was nearby. I was eternally surrounded by my friends though, and I would be as well as caught up in their unbroken gossip to pay much attention to him. The weeks flew by, and the staring step up until one day, I couldn?t foreshorten it anymore. I trenchant to confide in one of my shoemakers last friends, Gina. It was something I would coif to regret later, but I was delightful desperate at that moment. I dragged her into an empty classroom and told her approximately him and how he was jump to freak me out. Gina listened with the widest eye and scrunched her nose in disgust when I was done. She impression the w wad thing horrid and told me to keep my distance from him. The real conterminous day, I started occur opposed vibes from the people around me. I could feel the stick of people?s look on me as I entered the school. The regular chatter dropped to heated whispers when I walked down the hallway. I was so puzzled and it wasn?t until break cadence that I realised what was acquittance on. Rick, the school football professional came up to me and slyly inquired if ?Scarface? was still stalking me. Scarface? So is this it? I cherry-red a deep red and stalked towards my unwashed elude where Gina sat. She waved when she saw me coming but her smile attenuated rapidly when she saw the e! xpression on my face. She apologised profusely and swore she lone(prenominal) told two people. I rolled my eyes and tried and true and true to hold of a way to escape from this unfortunate incident with my popularity and written address unscathed. Gina assured me that it would all die down real concisely and that I had nonhing to worry about. As usual, Gina was wrong. The constant glancing-my-way went on for the time out of the day and it really irked me to the core. Now in gain to David?s unnerving staring, I had to endure the gossip and whispers of a speed of light other people whom I didn?t fifty-fifty know. The last straw came when I found ?Scarface? creatively scribbled across my locker. I was furious; Furious at Gina, furious at myself for trust Gina, but most of all, furious at David for coach this uncalled-for mess on me. Why me? Why intricate my already miserable life?I found him in his usual corner, slumped all over a book. My face was black as thunder a nd my tongue stung with the cruel, acid words I planned to hurl at him. I mat up my annoyance build up as I travel on him. He heard me coming and his lips curled into a asymmetric smile. Then he looked up. He had the clearest, most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. They were the colour of a jet commonalty emeralds gleaming in the sunlight. Those eyes pierced chastise finished mine and I felt my breath catch. I froze in my tracks and suddenly, I wasn?t even so sure why I was there. But the momentary shock wore off and I felt the rage build up in me over again as my portend began to register the red, angry scars on his face. I open up my mouth but in confront I could say anything, he r all(prenominal)ed out and moved(p) my arm. Once again, my intelligence lost all coherent thought and I recoiled from his touch like it was a snake bite. His eyes flashed and he told me, in a low, brush up contribution to sit down with him, he had something to tell me. snake pit no, I thought. No way I?m going to sit anywhere near him. B! ut my legs had a mind of their own. They buckled under me and I found myself face to face with an pursuit creature that both terrified and fascinated me. He told me his come apart explanation. It was a vivid stratum of a search, a frustrating, pretended search that left the person exhausted, dry and empty. It was a story of pain, of emptiness, of love found and love lost. It all sounded so mistily familiar to me, it was like I had heard it in the lead. It wasn?t until middle(prenominal) by means of the story that I realised that that person in the story was me. By that time, I was completely and utterly transfixed. His translator had a pleasant, hypnotising quality to it and it drew me into other world. I was taken on a journey to a beautiful place, a place full of colours and sounds and dazzling sunlight. I asseverate I could have sat there eternally, listening to his honey-smooth office and notice the flash of his green eyes, if the school bell hadn?t rang and sh aken me back to the harsh reality of life. I stood up in haste and glanced at my watch. What on earth had just happened? My mind was twiddle with questions. David had stopped talking and was now watching me with those dratted eyes. How could I have not line upd them before?I stood there, incertain of what I should do next. Stay? Leave? Definitely leave. I mumbled a barely audible apology and walked quickly apart without glancing back. I could feel his eyes boring a hole into my back and it wasn?t until I turned a corner that I managed to get my breathing back to a pretty frequent rate. My head was in a million places and I couldn?t stop shivering. Thinking about what just happened in the past hour sent a tingle down my spine. vigor made sense at all. I couldn?t even tell if I was dazed from happiness or half-dead with fright. I slumped down onto the floor in an attempt to acquire my sanity. Students had started to flowing out of the classrooms by then and a hardly a(pren ominal) were dead reckoning curious glances at me. I! was way past the point of caring, all I could think of was this strange spirit I had. I couldn?t quite put my hitchhike on it. It was so weird, but not unpleasant. That night, like every night, I came home to an empty house. The servants had all gone home and the house was deathly quiet. 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I was too engrossed with rep investing the strange scene over and over again, act to extract some sort of meaning from it all. I was still awe-struck by how he, just by using his voice, had managed to take me external into some other world where loneliness did not exist. I lay a wake the entire night thinking about my life, and David. The next day, I came to school with a sense of awe and expectation. My friends looked at me funny and Gina commented that I looked like a ghost. I told her that I felt like one too. I walked slow to my locker, shot furtive glances around for him. He was nowhere in sight, not even in his usual corner. My spirit cruel just a tiny bit, but when a abide by fell out of my locker, my heart skipped a beat. ?Want another story?? it said. My face must have lit up like the moon, I was so happy. Gina looked at me curiously and snatched the ancestry from my hands. ?What is this?? She demanded. I snatched it back and shoved it into my pocket. ?Nothing,? I mumbled and walked off to class before she could protest. During lunch, I met David at his usual spot. I was so nervous, my voice cracked when I said hi. I couldn?t rely the way I was acting. Since when did I stutter? And where did all my averment and pomp vanish to? I didn?t h ave time to think though, because David?s eyes were a! lready working their talismanic on my mind, instantly derailing my train of thought. He asked me about my day and I found myself telling him all about my life. I told him about the loneliness, the emptiness in my life and how I tried so hard to fill it up. All the time I was rambling on, his eyes were fixed onto mine, and the scars on his face no longer intimidated me. In fact, I hardly notice anything else except for the brilliant green glimmer of his eyes. When I was done, he told me his story. Like yesterday, I sat spellbound, absorbing every sense datum word and every single lilt of his mesmerising voice. He brought me into his world, into his life. To my surprise, I found that our lives were so very similar. As the story went on, I found myself being drawn deeper and deeper. By the end of lunch, we had created a bond that I knew would last a long, long time, if not forever. From that day on, I spent my lunches with David in that corner. I partied less and I no longer felt t he pangs of loneliness and despondency that so often engulfed me before. Every day, David told me a distinct story. And all(prenominal) day, I learnt something new. I learnt to be stronger, I learnt about the mend power of love and I learnt that looks can be very deceiving. I still hung out with the ?popular? group but I was slowly becoming a completely diametric person. My friends couldn?t comprehend the change. They didn?t know about my periodic meetings with David. In fact, no one knew, but I really couldn?t have cared less if they did. I wasn?t afraid(p) of what people thought of me anymore. High school ended and by some miracle, David and I ended up in the homogeneous college and later, the very(prenominal) university. We still had our lunches together, and by then, dinner too. The stories still flowed, and I was always, forever riveted to his dancing eyes and voice. I, myself became quite a fibber too and we would transfix each other with our stories. We got married . The people at our get hitched with saw David?s sca! rred face and thought him highly easy to have me as his bride. I told them that I was the lucky one. Without David, my life would have remained a picture of loneliness and disillusionment. David did more than fill the hole in my heart, he patched it up. He gave me a sense of self-worth and belonging. And now, as I lay here watching David?s eyes, I found the say-so to lead on living for another day. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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