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Christmas is a special holiday, probably the integrity more bug out look forward to then any(prenominal) other. Christmas is filled with more traditions and impost gathered from every(prenominal) corner of the world. We all have sex various ones and participate in them year after year. How did these traditions and impost run low and why do we continue to carry them on? Traditions and customs are very much passed down through generations for centuries, provided the sources are often un cognize or forgotten. Christmas was originally called The facing pages of the Nativity of deliverer. The member nativity comes from the Latin word Natalis meaning birthday. The bill probably does not date introductory than 200 A.D. and did not become widespread until the 4th century. The authentic date of messiah birth is unknown but what is known is that Christian leaders in 336 A.D. set the date to celestial latitude 25 in an attempt to eclipse a ordinary heathenish holiday in Rome. The date of Christmas coincides closely with the overwinter solstice in the northerly hemisphere, a time of rejoicing among many an(prenominal) ancient cultures. Christmas, as the great popular festival of horse opera Europe, dates from the mediate Ages. (Williams 1) Santa Claus, an icon of Christmas, was really known as St. Nicholas. He was a real person who did not smoke a pipe, aerify around in a wagon with any reindeer, go down chimneys, work with elves or live at the sexual union Pole. He did however bring presents to children every year, consort to tradition. He was born in the city of Patara, where he became bishop of Myra. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional w   riters!
He was engrossed during! the Roman emperor butterfly Diocletians persecution of Christians, but was released under the run of Emperor Constantine the Great. After his death he was buried in his perform at Myra. In 1087, Italian sailors stole... If youve ever wanted a quick once-over of pretty much every find fault of the Christmas tradition, this is a good paper to read. From the pagan beginnings to the origin of Santa Claus, the tree, the gifts, the candy, etc., this one has it all. Pretty good read. If you want to get a wide-eyed essay, order it on our website:

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